Barista Training – A Training Plan

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” Mark Twain

For some time now I’ve been writing in a theoretical sense, covering the facts and theories regarding human development (read training).  Today I’d like to give you a practical plan for applying some of this stuff.

If you believe that the quality of your product and business is directly dependent on the commitment, knowledge and skills of your baristas then you need a plan of action to develop those attributes every day.

I want to avoid preaching so I won’t tell you that if you take the “low road” by not making this investment you are endangering the future of your own mental health as well as your business.  Not that I would preach!

Below is a typical barista training plan that I have used with many clients over the years.

1.  Orientation. Content: – Company History, Vision and Valuesbarista training plan
– “Nuts & Bolts”: pay schedule, hours, etc.
Domains:  Affective and Cognitive                    

2.  Coffee Knowledge. Content:  – History of Coffee
– Growing Regions
– Processing
– Roasting
– Cupping/Tasting
Domains:  Cognitive, Affective and psychomotor

3.  Product Knowledge. Content:  – Ancillary, Coffee related products; Skill Practice
Domains:  Cognitive, Affective and psychomotor

4.  Barista Skills. Content:  – Bar Orientation, Equipment
– Pulling Shots and Steaming Milk
– Drink Making and Troubleshooting
– Equipment maintenance
– Skill Practice
Domains:  Cognitive, Affective and psychomotor

5.  Customer Service. Content:  – Interpersonal Skills
– The customer interaction process
–  Skill Practice
Domains:  Cognitive, Affective and psychomotor

By the end of this training the barista will:
– Understand and embrace the values and vision of your company.
– Understand the unique flavor profiles of each coffee and be able to describe that to the customer.
– Know the additional products you sell (food, hardware, etc.) and be able to describe the features and benefits to the customer.
– Consistently be able to make great drinks to your standard.
– Be able to describe each menu item to the customer.
– Demonstrate great interpersonal skills that make each customer feel welcome and cared for.

Seem daunting?  Don’t fear.  If you are committed to growing your business by developing your baristas we can show you how to do that economically and effectively.

Take care!

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